About the Journal

The Journal of Social Work and Sustainable Development (JSWSD) is published two times a year by the Department of Social Work, University of Sargodha, Pakistan. It is an international journal published, seeking to publish original ideas, contemporary practice methods, meticulous analyses of empirical research, and knowledge and skills of problem-solving in Social Work and social development, either nationally or internationally.

Aims and Scope
The journal aims to develop and publish Social Work literature by fabricating linkages among social research, Social Work Education, Social Work Practice, Social Work policy, and social development at the national and international levels. It contributes to understanding persistent and contemporary social problems and trends specifically in Asia and generally around the globe and to developing effective strategies responding to these emerging challenges.

The subject areas of the journal cover the following area
Generic & clinical social work, social welfare, sustainable social development, persistent and contemporary social problems, ideologies, values and ethics of social work, approaches, methods, techniques and skills of social work, social service sectors and social work intervention, social work for marginalized groups, social work in social conflict and emergency situations, pedagogical research, social work with user groups (working with children and families, girl child & women, mentally challenged children and adults, juvenile delinquents, forensic social work, drug abusers, youth) health and nutrition, population welfare, labor welfare, local government & rural development, gender & development, human rights, special education, research regarding non -governmental organizations (NGOs), bilateral organizations, multilateral organizations, strategic social work management, social risk management, social care, social mobilization and contemporary challenges in social work and other allied disciplines.